The Foundation for Spiritualism and Mediumship

The Foundation for Spiritualism and Mediumship

The Board members

Nicole de Haas

Nicole de Haas, president

I work nationally and internationally as a medium and teacher and teach and demonstrate all aspects of mediumship. Over the past years my wish to have a meeting place for people who wish to gain more knowledge and understanding about mediumship and Spiritualism increased. Holland, like many other countries has a rich history in the field of mediumship and Spiritualism. It is important that we as a foundation make sure this history is kept safe for future generations, but also that it is shared now. I like to contribute in my own way with a fantastic team of like-minded people. 

Jessica van Lingen

Jessica van Lingen, treasurer

My name is Jessica van Lingen and as a treasurer Iam involved in this Foundation. I work as a dental hygienist and I do readings for people to help them to live more from their own heart. Spiritualism and mediumship both have enriched my life over the past years. Since childhood I love to read and also art in mediumship, photographs and objects have my special attention. There is so much to see, read and experience. That’s what I wish for all and to be able to share this is the mainreason for my work within the Foundation.

Mannie Berghorst

Mannie Berghorst, secretary

Iam a sitter in 2 circles, a physical circle and a healing circle. Also Iam developing my spirit art and mediumship and I love to make auragraphs. My motivation to help the Foundation is merely a personal one. I feel it is important to contribute to share and deepen information. Since my early childhood there is a deep interest in the philosophy of life and Spiritualism is one of them. I feel that it is important we as human beings are being informed and educated as food for the mind and soul. This helps further development and growth from ourselves as human beings and in connection to the Spirit world.

Mario de Haas

Mario de Haas, board member

My name is Mario de Haas and I live in Almelo. Iam a board member of the Foundation. What I like in this work is that we as a board and with all the volunteers involved, we work hard to collect objects and books that are related to mediumship and Spiritualism. We hope to be able to share this publicly soon. My aim is to make sure that the collection and books can be shown live as well as online.

Veronique Janssens

Veronique Janssens, board member

About 8 years ago, after attending a demonstration of mediumship I got inspired and fascinated about Spiritualism. I developed my own mediumship and discovered the amount of information available throughout the world. Immediately the Foundation had my interest and enthousiasm and I am very happy to contribute in any way to make knowledge, literature and objects available to all. In this way we help to secure and sustain the rich history. And that’s why I do this work without expecting anything back.


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